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In the News...

Municipal Court too Quick to Levy Fines and Needs Major Reform- Report: NJ Spotlight 

Larry Krasner: Time to rethink probation and parole: The Inquirer

How the municipal court money machine burdens city residents: Curbed


Opening church doors, closing cases of Philly defendants:  National Public Radio


Behind the scenes, prosecutor lobbies wield immense power: The Washington Post

NJ Chief Justice: Stop turning municipal courts into moneymakers:  Kala Kachmar


Court's Policy 'Extorts' Family of Poor Defendants:  Federal Judge: Karen Wall

With Krasner as DA, is Philly finally ready to end cash bail?:  Philadelphia Inquirer 


Legislature passes bill to bring fairness to Washington's system of Legal Financial Obligations: ACLU-WA

How Nuisance Laws Are Making Poverty a Crime:  The New Republic


Bill will make Florida the most transparent state in the Nation: Herald Tribune

Supreme Court Ruling Means Immigrants Could Continue to be Detained Indefinitely:  NPR's Dominico Montanaro

Justice Shouldn't Come with a $250 fine:   NY Times OpEd by Alexes Harris 

Sessions Says to Court: Go Ahead, Jail People Because They're Poor:  NY Times OpEd by Chiraag Bains

Sessions rescinds letter warning local courts about fees and fines imposed on poor people: ABA Journal by Debra Cassens Weis

Judge Finds New Orleans Debtors Prison Unconstitutional: Courthouse News

N.C. Attorneys Challenge Court Fines and Fees as Unconstitutional: Southern Coalition for Social Justice Blog

How Our User-Pay Justice System Drives Mass Incarceration: Huffington Post OpEd by Jon Wool

Exclusive: Inside the municipal court cash machine: Kala Kachmar of the Asbury Park Press 

Legal Financial Obligations are the New Debtors Prison- Arvind Dilawar of the Pacific Standard

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